Toureen 5-a-side football teams compete with each other to raise funds for the residents of Goulden House


Toureen Group provides a helping hand to the local housing organisation, Goulden House Co-Operative, to restore community spirit by raising funds for the furnishing of their residential grounds.


Goulden House Co-Operative is a large residential site located in Battersea, consisting of 269 flats and 2 commercial units and is run independently by the residents through the appointment of an Estate Manager since 1990. The current Estate Manager, Annie Gleeson, wishes to increase community events within the area and enhance the community spirit by encouraging residents to focus on the beautiful grounds;

“I would like the residents to spend some time outside and interact with other residents on the site. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to sit on site, which is most concerning for our residents with mobility issues. Goulden House is home to over 900 residents and each and every one of them are so proud of where they live and for them, they just require a little assistance which will enhance their quality of life.”


Eight Toureen teams, both office and site based, took part in the tournament which raised over £1000 for the cause. Toureen Group’s Environmental Manager, Pedro Flores, was one of the event organisers and extended his thanks to all who took part;

“I want to thank all who contributed and participated in the first ever Toureen 5-a-side tournament.

With the help of generous donors and all teams participating, we were able to meet our target for the event. This would not be possible if it weren’t for our amazing players who showed how great they are - on and off the pitch.”

As part of Goulden House’s sponsorship sourcing (and with permission from Wandsworth Borough Council) the proceeds from Toureen Group’s 5-a-side fundraiser will now go towards wooden benches which will be placed in the inner green and outer green on site and will enhance residents’ lives by bringing them together."


After the tournament, Annie Gleeson commented on the impact this fundraising will have on the community;

“On behalf of the residents of Goulden House Co-Operative Ltd, we wish to extend our sincerest of thanks to the Toureen Group and your wonderful staff for organising and taking part in this football tournament. The 269 families who reside on this site will be nothing short of overwhelmed when the benches are placed on the Inner and Outer Greens. The placement of the benches on site will allow our residents to enjoy the beautiful grounds at Goulden House and they will most certainly add to their quality of life.”