Health and Safety

Health and Safety is central to everything we do at Toureen.


“Without excellence in Health and Safety performance, nothing else matters. It is fundamentally the most important criteria by which we can judge our success.” -   Denis Nolan, Founder and Chairman

We have developed a profound reputation for undertaking safety critical schemes ranging in complexity from working at extreme heights, undertaking major demolitions, exposure to explosive atmospheres and dealing with the challenges associated with deep and confined basements.

This has been achieved due to significant allocation of financial resources over a sustained period and due to the determination of strong management at all levels within the organisation. We have established a strong safety culture and we choose to work with clients who share our values.

At Toureen we recognise that Health and Safety is always evolving and we aim to be at the forefront. What is accepted today as adequate standards will likely be frowned upon in the future following advances in knowledge, working techniques and improved equipment.

We benefit from the wide range of sectors that the Group operates across. Good practices and safety initiatives that we experience through contact with clients and specialist contractors in one division are swiftly shared and adopted by other parts of our Group.

Our safety management system is accredited to ISO45001 and includes some of the following elements:


Comprehensive Training Programmes 

Due to the regularity and broad range of training we provide, some years ago we established our own in-house CITB approved training centre able to undertake courses such as: first aid, manual handling, face-fit, asbestos awareness and many more.  At set intervals throughout the calendar we review and develop a training plan for our site personnel and then set timelines for completion.



This is conducted in many ways. Perhaps most successfully is face to face. Typically work crews are gathered together in the morning before works commence in order for group discussions to take place. Particular care is taken to ensure that it is not just the crews who do the listening, it is crucial that dialogue is two-way. Other forms of communication include the Toureen designed safety posters and campaigns, hand book and safety manuals, weekly safety alerts, visual method statements, safety meetings and site based safety representatives.


Safety Documentation

Method statements and risk assessements must be clear and understood by all, they must be relevant to potential hazards and they must be regularly reviewed and updated. To aid understanding, pictorial images are used to clarify and, increasingly, modern technology is allowing them to be more interactive.


Behavioural Safety Training 

This is a core element of our safety culture. It encourages individuals from all levels within the Group to ‘choose’ to work safely and recognise there are times that they need to resist the temptation to take a shortcut.


Occupational Health

In the past, Health and Safety was considered to be about avoiding accidents, with not enough emphasis on the effects of prolonged exposure to the construction industry. We are a long established company with generations of the same families working for us and we actively put in place measures to ensure the long term well-being of our staff. 


Plant Equipment

We have invested heavily in plant and equipment, with our own in-house plant division, ensuring our teams have the most modern and appropriate tools to carry out works safely.


Audits and Reviews

We are committed to driving continual improvement within the business and our sites are regularly audited, using internal and external parties. This creates a culture where lessons are learned and continual improvement is embraced.


Rewards and Recognition

It is important that we encourage a positive safety culture within the business and we recognise the good actions carried out by our site operatives. Vouchers are distributed regularly when good practice is observed or when operatives suggest innovative ideas for implementation.


Disciplinary Measures

This is a necessary and important element of a successful safety management system. We aim to ensure that all persons connected with the delivery of our construction programmes are trained, competent, supervised and provided with safe environments and tools in order to carry out their works. Should safety breaches occur then staff or sub-contractors will be assessed and given additional support if required. However, all parties are made aware that following blatant, reckless or repeated safety breaches, then disciplinary action may be forthcoming.


Regular Reviews 

Safety, quality and environmental procedures and policies are regularly reviewed and assessed to ensure that improvements are made continually.


Client and Industry Awards 

We have won numerous awards for continued Health and Safety compliance over the years, including:

  • RoSPA gold award for 10 consecutive years
  • RoSPA President's Award
  • Supply Chain Awards – BAM, Kier, Wates

These awards are a great reflection of the commitment that we place on Health and Safety standards.