Ocean Warrior Expedition to the Arctic

Exploring the Islands of Svalbard for Climate Science.

Toureen are grateful and very excited to be sponsoring the Ocean Warrior Expedition this September and following our friend Chris Barrett on his adventure. Covering a distance of 2,000 to 4,000 nautical miles, this extraordinary expedition will push the limits of oceanographic scientific data gathering abilities and will be conducted using wind power.

Led by renowned explorer, Jim McNeill, who has been at the forefront of citizen science and continues to make huge breakthroughs in the world of environmental data, the expedition centres around gathering scientific data to better understand the condition of our oceans and the impact of climate change.

The expedition will include key scientists, journalists, naturalists, digital content and film makers, as well as a select number of citizen scientists who will be trained to sail professionally and contribute directly to climate science.

The Ocean Warrior Expedition is part of the wider Global Warrior Project which seeks to explore the world's extreme environments to measure, benchmark, and monitor changes both good and bad for the scientific community. Their mission is to put a better, more immediate “finger on the pulse of our planet” so that we, as a species, can make better decisions, societally, commercially, and politically as to our immediate actions and our future intentions.