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Changing Places. Road Safety with Toureen

As part of the new multi-million-pound project to build the University of Oxford New College's 'Gradel Quadrangle’, Toureen Group and Dawes Highway Safety Group helped deliver an educational event on behalf of Sir Robert McAlpine.

Working alongside Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue, in the heart of Oxford, the team spent the day teaching people about being safe around lorries and vans, which currently contribute to the majority of serious collisions with vulnerable road users, such as cyclists.

The event was well received by the public and helped teach people of all ages how to be safe and how to best avoid accidents when using the road. Toureen’s fleet of vehicles adhere to the highest safety standards and use the most up to date technology to mitigate and prevent, as much as possible, any incidents on the road, and this event further provides Toureen’s commitment to road safety.

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Road Safety