Project Profile: Costco Filling Stations

Costco PFS Roll-out
Date of completion
£800k per project
Petrol Station Construction for Costco Liverpool
Petrol Station Construction for Costco Oldham

Scope of works


  • The project comprises the construction of a new petrol filling station within the existing car park area

  • Development of the first UK Costco filling stations at Liverpool, Oldham and Bristol 

  • Installation of four new 80,000 litre underground fuel storage tanks plus a 20,000 litre additive tank 

  • New pressure fuel system and construction of new pump islands

  • Installation of new petrol interceptor 

  • Construction of new canopy over dispensers, attendant kiosk, drainage/ducting works and concrete/tarmac works

Petrol Station Construction for Costco Liverpool

Project key points


  • Toureen successfully constructed the first Costco petrol filling station ever to be installed in the UK, kick-starting the national roll-out

  • Installation of above average-sized tank farms (approx. 3 x regular size)

  • Unique installations of fuel systems, for the allowance of premium grade fuels to be mixed on site

  • Projects completed to date include Liverpool, Oldham and Bristol

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